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Free colorful handcrafted Pillar candle with $50 minimum purchase (excluding the shipment cost)

Enjoy the Natural Sweetness and light of Nazareth
Our natural food and gift products now available on line:
Nazareth honey, Date Spread Halva Flavor, Nazareth herbal Tea and also beautiful hand crafted candles from Nazareth region.

Nazareth Secret News

During his recent trip to the Holy Land, Pope Francis was given a basket of Nazareth Secret’s products .
Nazareth Secret products symbolizing the Land of Milk and Honey and make an excellent gift .

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Pure Honey from Israel

Nazareth Secret Pure Honey, produced in Israel, has the power to connect you to a place and time like no other product on the market today.Born of the Holy Land, produced in limited quantities, and unparalleled in quality. Nazareth Secret beekeepers employ the unsurpassed traditions of the region to harvest our artisanal honey. Read more...

Candles-Let Your Light Shine!

Our colorful handcrafted candles made by skilled artisans in the Galilee Mountains near the city of Nazareth, Israel, will make the perfect addition to your decor. Traditional dipping methods ensure the unique color and exceptional quality of Nazareth Secret Candles. The clear bright flame will infuse the atmosphere of the Nazareth region and bring the light of the Holy Land into your home. Read more...


Welcome to Nazareth Secret


Authentic delicious exquisite flavors & gifts from Nazareth Israel

Nazareth Secret is a brand name for authentic products carefully selected from the Nazareth area, Israel.
We are pleased to offer you the best from the “land of milk and honey” and invite you to explore Nazareth through the unique scents and flavors of our growing catalog of delicious gourmet foods and gifts like: Hight quality Single flower Starthistle honey, Date Spread Halva Flavor, Colorful hand crafted candles and our new developed Nazareth Herbal Tea. Read more..

Saving Our Local Forests

Nazareth Secret support to renew the local forests of Nazareth Read more..

About Nazareth Honey

Date Spread Halva Flavor