4 Surprising Things that Women Love About Honey

Women in cultures around the world have been using honey creatively in their cooking for years. Drizzled on pancakes, blended in nourishing cakes and cookies, in tea and on toast. Honey is a all truly all purpose food! It is a great natural replacement for sugar, full of antioxidants and nutrients.  Women also appreciate the spiritual and romantic nuance that honey is created out of love, making it in some traditions a ‘perfect’ food. Honey has however now moved into the mainstream with many health food and department stores lining up different brands of honey on their shelves. From the very cheapest waxy and tasteless mixed blends to deep dark manuka from New Zealand and unique from Nazareth, honey is here to stay.  So, that is the first point to highlight. Not all honey is the same quality. It is important to choose one that is 100% pure and completely natural, like the Nazareth Secret brand that is just being introduced to the United States market in December, 2013. So honey it is now marketed as truly something of a wonder food.  Here are some of the amazing reasons that women love honey! 

Honey Makes You Healthier

We all have all been given a ‘lemon and honey’ drink by our Mothers, an elixir that psychologically almost instantaneously makes a cough or cold go away. Some people add a little onion to the drink and a common recipe is to mix honey, ground ginger, apple cider vinegar, a pinch of cayenne pepper, and a little water. Honey may also reduce the healing time for cuts and burns. Not taking the value of honey to an extreme, honey’s low sugar content does makes it an excellent substitute for high calories sugar and it also helps speed up metabolism. For each teaspoon, honey contains 20 calories, 5 grams of sugar and no fat. Granulated sugar has 15 calories, 4 grams of sugar and no fat per teaspoon. The numbers don’t lie! Honey also contains antioxidants which can help fight cell damage that may increase the risk for diseases like cancer, heart disease. Every good habit helps.

Honey Makes You Look and Feel Beautiful

We have learned that honey has many nutritional and medicinal uses, but did you women love to include it in their beauty routine? Honey is a humectant which means that it helps to retain moisture. This is great for dry skin especially during the winter months.  It is also and an emollient, meaning that it softens and smoothens the skin.  This makes it a great conditioner and moisturizer. Honey is also rich in vitamins and minerals, so using it in a hair care routine can leave hair looking super shiny and healthy.  Some recent research shows that honey has  antibacterial and antioxidant properties, so it can keep your scalp healthy and even promote hair growth. Honey also makes wonderful exfoliant mixed with ground almonds and lemon juice.  Delicious! Finally honey is great for a woman’s hair. In the shower, after washing hair, just coat the ends with a bit of honey. Let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing out and hair will be less frizzy and extra conditioned

Sweet Natural Honey May Help Beat Hangovers

Fructose speeds up the oxidation of alcohol in the liver. Since honey is about equal parts glucose and fructose, so it appears that it might have the potential to help with a hangover. A woman would have to eat a lot of honey to counteract the affects of several glasses of wine, but it can’t hurt! Or maybe just make a delicious alcoholic drink with honey as one of the main ingredients. How about a Honey Gin Cocktail?

So women around the world are not surprisingly particularly interested in the things that honey can do for them – in the kitchen and in the bathroom and bedroom as well. Getting creative with honey is fun. It helps them to cut costs, and also bring more natural and versatile products into their lives.

What is your favorite way to use honey? Join the conversation in the comments below.


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