A word from Dr. Noga Langer founder and owner of Nazareth Secret

Dr. Noga LangerAs a senior scientist who traveled in many countries over the years. I felt the emotion of people when they realized I live with my family in the Nazareth area. Many people, although they have never been to Nazareth feel an emotional connection to the region and think of it with a familiarity and fondness.

Willing to share the natural secret of our surroundings, with those who may not be able to visit the region themselves, I decided recently to start a second career and founded “Nazareth Secret” which will bring, with carefully selected products, the aroma and flavor of Nazareth to you.

Now I invite you to experience the region for yourself by enjoying our unique natural products and Honey collected from the Starthistle flowers of the hills of Nazareth – where it all began.

Dr. Noga Langer

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