Benefits of Drinking Herbal Tea

The Surprising Benefits of Drinking Herbal Tea

There is a tea culture in almost every country in the world and tea is one of the most ancient and traded commodities. Many different tea traditions are followed and woven into the very heart of how people interact with each other. In Britain a ‘cuppa’ solves all the world’s problems. There is a strong heritage of friendship celebrated in the tea houses of the Middle East, or the respectful ceremonial ritual “tea ceremony” of Japan. However, drinking tea is much more than a cultural pastime and many varieties like green tea have been proven to have beneficial effects on the body. The world of herbal tea is where nature in all her complexity comes into play. In the true sense, Herbal Teas are not ‘teas’ because they are made from flowers, herbs and spices and not made from the traditional tea leaf. There are literally thousands of combinations of herbal teas, so there is one for every taste. It takes a true artist to find the right combinations and to put them together in the perfect way. If you are not familiar with the amazing world of herbal teas, here are some ways to enjoy it!

Drinking Tea is a Meditative Ritual

Herbal teas can be enjoyed any time of the day. In the morning you can try a refreshing and stimulating herbal mix, like the Nazareth Morning tea. In the evening you can drink a calming mix such as Nazareth Evening Tea. Any time of day that herbal tea is enjoyed it can be a meditative ritual . Drinking herbal tea slowly, thoughtfully and calmly can reduce stress and create peace in our over active world. Jesse Jacobs of the Samovar Tea Lounge in San Francisco, suggests the following meditative tea making ritual that can be applied to herbal teas as well. First he suggests that you buy good quality teas, (from a local company like Nazareth Secret) and then establish a simple tea making ritual every day. When you are boiling the water do nothing else. Just relax and wait, breathe and be grateful. Then add the herbs and spices to a cup of water and wait while enjoying the scents and sensations that are released. Remove the infusion and just sit with the tea for two minutes. Think about where the herbs were collected, in this case, the hills around Nazareth. Think about the master herbalist who carefully put together the combinations of leaves. In that silence, you can connect and experience Nazareth’s history and make a spiritual connection through the aromas and flavors. Allow enough time to really appreciate the experience of preparation. Finally drink the tea slowly and deliberately, enjoying the subtle tastes and noticing how it makes you feel.

Herbal Teas are Made From Unique Blends

Nazareth Secret Herbal Teas are prepared by an herbalist with 50 years experience. He has been given secrets of the craft, handed down from his father, a pioneer in making herbal teas. He is someone with extensive knowledge in the world of herbs and spices, familiar with growing, drying, blending, and marketing herbs and spices to improve quality of life. 
Nazareth Secret offers two unique blends – Morning Herbal Team and Evening Herbal Tea. They are both made from pure products, with no artificial flavorings. The refreshing morning herbal tea is the best blend to give you a positive start your day. It is made from local Nazareth herbs including leaves of Lemon verbena, Sage, Hissop, Rosemary, Lemon grass and flowers of Calendula and Jasmine. The relaxing evening herbal tea is perfect for winding down and helping the body prepare for good quality sleep. It is a combination of relaxing herbs that locals believe assist the digestive and nervous systems to end the day with a calm and relaxing feeling. The Evening herbal tea contains leaves of Lemon verbena, Spearmint, Micromeria, Geranium, Melissa and Rose flowers.

Experience Herbal Tea as a Gift for the Body, Mind and Spirit

Drinking herbal tea gives a connection to a time honored tradition, establishes a ritual in our busy lives, and gives us a chance to experience the gifts from natures abundance. Herbal teas are also free of caffeine so they are good for your mind and body. With two unique and perfect blends, Nazareth Secret makes it easy to experience herbal teas for the first time and develop a greater appreciation of the abundant gifts from Mother Nature. So. why not give herbal teas a try?

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