Like a Mother’s Love – Enjoy Nature’s Gift

Like a Mother’s Love – Enjoy Nature’s Gift

Sweet and soothing, it is hard to deny that there’s just something about honey that is similar to a mother’s love; and just as a mother loves and provides for her child, we are blessed with this healing gift of nature.

Throughout the centuries, honey has been a celebrated and well-loved treat,
a symbol of nature’s generous wealth. A true super food, it is a fascinating substance that possesses the natural ability to heal, soothe, boost and repair.
It is intriguing to think that the unique composition of vitamins, minerals and nutrients and enzymes in honey are the product of hard-working little bees!

The entire process is intricate and charming. In the spring and summer, the busy insects scurry from flower to flower (50-100 of them on an average trip!), collecting pollen and dropping it into the cells of the honeycomb in their hive.

They then use gentle care to thicken the honey by fanning their wings to evaporate some of the moisture. The honey is then stored to be used as a source of nourishment for the bees in the wintertime.

Honey cannot be man-made, and its imitations will never compare to the real thing, nor will they boast the many benefits we enjoy when we consume pure honey. These benefits include antibacterial and antimicrobial qualities, properties, as well as immune-strengthening and antioxidant benefits.

Honey is truly a natural gift. From how it is produced to the finished product itself, it really is amazing. Share some pure honey with your family today!



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