You have made it your mission to find the purest products and get them to your clients shelves. Our honey, sweet date spread, and herbal teas, all mirror your desire for healthy quality foods and gives you a unique taste of Israel. We would like to form a partnership with reliable brokers to market our products to U.S. Stores.

Nazareth Secret is our registered brand mark of authentic products from the Nazareth area in Israel. We recently received a U.S. Trademark Registration and we are eager to bring the beauty and taste to your stores. We are a family-based company, and we have been fortunate to call Nazareth our home for over 25 years. We are passionate about sharing Israel’s splendor with those who cannot be here to enjoy it with us, and each of our premium products is carefully chosen to evoke the flavors, beauty and history of the Holy Land. All of our products are FDA approved and manufactured in HACCP and ISO 9001 authorized factories. Our company, Nazareth Secret, prides itself not only on high standards, but also on our commitment to preserving the natural state of the land. Every product is natural, crafted locally, and is based on regional recipes, traditionally passed down from generation to generation.

Our products include:

Star Thistle Honey
This flower thrives in the hot, dry summers of the Nazareth Mountains, and the bees which feed on its nectar, produce a mono-floral honey that is as unique as the region itself and unparalleled in its quality. It has a rich amber color and a taste that is milder than clover.

The benefits of our honey:

• Natural product direct from Israel
• Best-tasting honey available in the region
• Free of sugar water
• Thick and concentrated due to collection at the end of the flowering season
• Coarse filtering process retains both the pollen and propolis
• The apiary has been producing honey for 3 generations
• Exceptional gift ideas and can be packaged with our other products
• Tasty yet healthy snack

Here are some of  the comments customers are making about our honey:

“Your honey is lovely, as well ! Customers are enjoying it. I also opened a jar for myself. Beautiful taste, and the honey is a rich, golden color. Thank you!”–Sherrill Barbary

Daughter of a Rose Gift Baskets

“Nazareth Honey tastes like none I have ever tasted. It is incredibly thick and smooth! It comes from the nectar of the Star Thistle which is native to the Nazarene mountains. An authentic taste of the holy land, this honey is actually not as strong as clover honey is. It has a more delicate, subtle taste. Look at that gorgeous color!” Melanie
A Year of Jubilee Reviews

Halva Flavored Date Spread

Our Date Spread is prized for its wonderful aroma, its rich brown color and unique flavor. Our dates are produced by luscious groves of exotic palm trees in the Jordan Valley. Hava consists of ground, hulled sesame seeds and adds a sweet twist to an already delicious product. It is of superior quality, 100% natural, and a wholesome product that exemplifies the finest dates of the region!

Nazareth Morning and Evening Herbal Tea

Our teas are a unique blend of carefully picked local herbs and spices that enable you to experience Nazareth aromas and flavors. From sunrise to sunset our herbal tea blends will prepare and soothe your customers’ minds and bodies. Awaken your senses with the minty healing of hyssop, Calendula leaves that are rich in vitamins,and Jasmine which prepares the intestines for their daily work. Then rest well by completing your day with our Evening Herbal Tea. You will experience the full-bodied lemon flavor of Lemon Verbena, stomach soothing Spearmint and Micromeria, as well as, tension taming Geranium, Melissa, and Rose. This amazing combination of taste and healing qualities, eases your body into rest, and is a great addition to your bedtime routine.

We also offer Nazareth Secret Candles Colorful hand crafted candles are made by skilled craftsmen in the Galilee mountains near the city of Nazareth.

All products can be combined for gift packaging. We look forward to partnering with you.

For more information please contact: ofier@nazarethsecret.com