Accentuate your surroundings with Nazareth hand crafted candles

I always wondered how candles lit in a room can create a real difference. It accentuates your ambiance, and makes you feel more happy and tranquil. You can even jazz up your living or drawing room by keeping beautiful and attractive handcrafted candles. Nazareth handcrafted candles are unique candles that made from wax and contain fragrances, […]

How organic honey helps in shrinking large skin pores?

Are you alarmed with the large skin pores? No matter how clean or small the pores may appear to  you, they can always be smaller, right? Harsh treatments and even some chemical enriched serums can sometimes be unreasonable by clogging up your pores further or, worse, leading to breakouts, though. Moreover, large pores on facial […]

Share the joy of Christmas with gifts from the city of Nazareth

Nestled in the village of Nazareth are the memories of Christ. It is our pleasure to share these memories through products that express the abundance of Israel. Family owned Nazareth Secret Gifts are created with you in mind, offering a range of beautifully packaged gifts that reflect the taste, beauty, and history of Israel. Taste […]

Nazareth Secret made its successful United States debut at the SOHO EXPO in Gaylord Palms, Orlando, Florida

Nazareth Secret made its successful United States debut at the SOHO EXPO in Gaylord Palms, Orlando, Florida on December 8th. The Nazareth Secret all-natural product line from Israel was shared with exhibitors, brokers, distributors and many visitors from around the world who were passionate about marketing and distributing healthy natural products. In fact, SOHO stands […]

4 Surprising Things that Women Love About Honey

Women in cultures around the world have been using honey creatively in their cooking for years. Drizzled on pancakes, blended in nourishing cakes and cookies, in tea and on toast. Honey is a all truly all purpose food! It is a great natural replacement for sugar, full of antioxidants and nutrients.  Women also appreciate the […]

Have you ever traveled to Nazareth? What secret did it tell you?

Nazareth is a special place.  It is a city of religion and faith, of spirituality and holiness.  Today it is a city with a rich history, fascinating archaeology, modern culture and Middle Eastern charm. Nazareth is located in the heart of a valley surrounded by mountains and embraced by dry winds and a unique climate.  It […]

Tradition and History of the Nazareth Region

Tradition and History of the Nazareth Region Often referred to as the “cradle of Christianity”, Nazareth is a region rich in tradition and history and a celebrated spiritual destination. Early History of Nazareth The city of Nazareth is over 2000 years old. During Jesus’ lifetime, it was a small agricultural village housing only a few […]