Nazareth Secret Pure Honey, produced in Israel, has the power to connect you to the Holy Land like no other product on the market today

Our honey is born of the Holy Land, produced in limited quantities, and unparalleled in quality. Nazareth Secret beekeepers employ the unsurpassed traditions of the region to harvest our artisanal honey. One drop of our incomparable honey instantly transports you back in time: Jesus spent his childhood in Israel, and this honey would have graced his table.

The Taste of Nazareth Secret Pure Honey is without Equal

We produce our honey from the nectar of the Starthistle, a flower native to the Nazareth Nazareth Honey Pure Israel HoneyMountains. Star thistle flourishes in the hot, dry summers, and the bees feeding on its nectar yield monofloral honey that is as unique as the region itself. Both geography and climate are instrumental in honey production, creating distinctive notes for each variety (similar to the different levels found in wine or olive oil). Our honey is exclusive in this manner, with its deep golden color reminiscent of liquid sunshine, its highly aromatic fragrance, and the subtle yet flavorful notes of Starthistle. An authentic taste of the Holy Land, Nazareth Secret Pure Honey is natural and sweet, possessing a long, delicate finish and offering a milder flavor than clover honey.

Nazareth Secret Pure Honey is Unrivaled for Many Reasons:

  • Natural product direct from Israel
  • Best-tasting honey available in the region
  • All year Kosher certified by Chug Haasam Sofer Bnei Brak Israel
  • Nazareth Honey is free of sugar water
  • Thick and concentrated due to collection at the end of the flowering season
  • Unique coarse filtering process retains both the pollen and propolis
  • The apiary has been producing honey for 3 generations
  • Exceptional gift idea, best natural gift from Israel
  • Tasty yet healthy snack !

From our customers:

“Nazareth Honey has the most subtle and delicate of flavors and has the most beautiful color” “Your honey is lovely! Customers are enjoying it. I also opened a jar for myself. Beautiful taste, and the honey is a rich, golden color. Thank you!” 

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