This Christmas, invite fellowship and conversation with an exquisite Nazareth Secret gift set. Family and friends will delight in a handcrafted dipped Pillar Candle, a jar of Nazareth Secret Pure Honey, and delicious Halva Flavored Date Spread. A thoughtful and tasty Christmas gift from the heart of where Jesus walked.

Taste and see that the Lord is good this Christmas. Nazareth Secret offers an elegant gift package to nurture family and friends from the heart of Jesus’ home. Each item is produced and wrapped with our love and desire to share the best of Israel with you and your loved ones. Included: A vibrant hand-dipped Pillar Candle—the light of Israel, Nazareth Secret Pure Honey—raw, sweet, goodness to nourish both body and soul, and our unique Halva Flavored Date Spread to fill the stomach with the fresh fruit of Nazareth. A thoughtful Christmas gift from a thoughtful gift giver.

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