Set of Morning and Evening Herbal Tea and Halva-Flavored Date Spread


Enjoy the sweet taste of Nazareth !


Nazareth Secret Herbal Tea, Morning and Evening Herbal Tea from Nazareth two jars of 20 gr (0.7 oz]

Enjoy the taste and smell of local Nazareth plants.
Unique blend of carefully picked local herbs and spices that enabling you to experience Nazareth aromas and flavors. The combination of ingredients creates a wonderful taste and aroma. Each pack contains loose whole leaves
Our products are: Morning Nazareth Tea and Evening Nazareth Tea.

Nazareth Halva-Flavored Date Spread 250 gr (8.8oz)

Whether you want to add a new dimension to your dishes or you are simply searching for a tasty sandwich spread, Nazareth Secret Halva-Flavored Date Spread is the answer. Made with the finest palm dates harvested in the Jordan Valley and flavored with halva (ground sesame seeds), our sweet and delicious spread delights the taste buds while being a healthy alternative to processed spreads. Our date spread enchants the senses with its magnificent aroma, its rich brown hue, and its distinctive flavor. So convenient – use our spread in just the same way as you would use peanut butter. Try a jar today!


No artificial flavorings.

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