Set of Nazareth Star Thistle Honey 2 Handmade Taper Candles and Date Spread Halva Flavor


Enjoy the sweet taste and light of Nazareth !

One Nazareth Honey  250gr (8.8oz)

Nazareth Star Thistle Honey is produced in limited quantities and harvested by beekeepers in the best traditions of the region. Its quality stands consummate. Just one taste of this Nazareth Secret Honey will make you feel superb.

Two colorful Taper candles size 7.5″ in a gift boxes

Light up your abode with Nazareth handmade Taper and Pillar candles. These beautiful candles are crafted by skilled craftsmen in the Galilee Mountains near the city of Nazareth in Israel to warm up the ambience of your dwelling. These specially designed candles are unique in colors and quality and represent our rich tradition in every aspect.

One Date Spread Halva Flavor jar 250gr (8.8oz)

Nazareth Secret Halva-Flavored Date Spreadis manufactured from only the finest dates nestled deep in the warmth of the Jordan Valley, We use delicious halva, made from ground sesame seeds, to flavor the spread, adding a delectable dimension of depth.

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