Set of Nazareth Starthistle Honey and two Handmade Pillar Candles


Enjoy the sweet taste and light of Nazareth !

Nazareth Star Thistle Honey is produced in limited quantities and harvested by beekeepers in the best traditions of the region. Its quality stands consummate. Just one taste of this Nazareth Secret Honey will make you feel superb.

Light up your abode with Nazareth handmade Taper and Pillar candles. These beautiful candles are crafted by skilled craftsmen in the Galilee Mountains near the city of Nazareth in Israel to warm up the ambience of your dwelling. These specially designed candles are unique in colors and quality and represent our rich tradition in every aspect.

One Nazareth Honey  250gr (8.8oz)

Tow Pillar candle gift boxes  (Candle size 2″ X 4″)

  • Handcrafted in one of the oldest cities near Nazareth
  • Packaged in a beautiful gift box
  • Dipped using traditional methods to create unique colors and combinations
  • Unscented so they are suitable for all, including those with breathing difficulties or allergies
  • Popular with tourists visiting Israel looking for beautiful gifts

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