Nestled in a valley among the mountains of Israel in lower Galilee, Nazareth is an ancient city, over 2000 years old, and a celebrated spiritual destination that has welcomed pilgrims for centuries. Often referred to as “the cradle of Christianity”, it’s a vibrant city of natural beauty, intriguing architecture and a charming Middle Eastern culture.

Green fields contrast with olive trees and citrus groves, and hillsides bloom with wildflowers or are stepped with white stone terraces. Churches, mosques and temples fill the city with spirituality, everything interwoven by a rich, shared history. Even today, the region continues to grow and change, very much alive, that rich history still being written.Nazareth Secret all the best from the land of milk and honey

Nazareth Secret is a family-based company, and we have been fortunate to call this beautiful place our home for over 25 years. We are passionate about sharing its splendor with those who cannot be here to enjoy it with us, and each of our premium products is carefully chosen to evoke the flavors, beauty and history of the Holy Land. We pride ourselves not only on our high standards, but also on our commitment to preserving the natural state of the land. Every product is natural, crafted locally, and is based on regional recipes, traditionally passed down from generation to generation.

We are so pleased to be able to offer you all that is good from Israel, and we invite you to explore Nazareth through the unique scents and flavors of our carefully selected and growing catalog of delicious products, including Nazareth honey, Dates Spread Halva Flavor and Colorful hand crafted candles.

Experience the pleasures of the “land of milk and honey”.

Experience The Nazareth Secret – From Where It All Began.

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