The Honey From the Land of Milk and Honey

The Honey From The “Land of Milk and Honey”
It is told, in the Biblical book of Exodus, that God refers to modern day Israel as a ‘land flowing with milk and honey’. This land of milk and honey represented refuge, solace, and most of all, agricultural abundance. With this promise of nourishment, milk and honey became symbols for nature’s generous wealth- a wealth that is still plentiful in the promised land today.

Israel’s agricultural industry is highly developed, and honey is still cherished throughout the Middle East not only as a delicious ingredient, but also as a healing and strengthening substance. For centuries, honey has been used in these parts as a natural antiseptic to help heal wounds, and as a tonic to boost energy and strengthen the immune system.

Perhaps the most unique honey produced in the land of milk and honey is Nazareth Secret Honey. This very special, premium honey comes from the Starthistle flowers that grow on the hills of Nazareth, and is now available in North America.

The most celebrated bounty from the holy land can now be shared in your own home; and with each jar of honey, Nazareth Secret promises to support reforestation in Israel to ensure that it remains a land of abundance for all!

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