Tradition and History of the Nazareth Region

Tradition and History of the Nazareth Region

Often referred to as the “cradle of Christianity”, Nazareth is a region rich in tradition and history and a celebrated spiritual destination.

Early History of Nazareth

The city of Nazareth is over 2000 years old. During Jesus’ lifetime, it was a small agricultural village housing only a few dozen families. The town was never mentioned in the Old Testament, nor was its name included in the list of 45 cities of the Galilee acknowledged by historians of the time. It was an isolated town with no trade routes and therefore no economical value. Most people of Judea had never even heard of Nazareth. By the 4th Century however, Nazareth was inhabited by Christians. By the 6th Century, the town once dismissed as an obsolete settlement was already a popular pilgrimage destination.

Nazareth Today: Historic Sites

Today, Nazareth has a population of over 60,000 and continues to hold a special place in the hearts of Christians worldwide. As the place where Jesus spend his childhood and lived most of his life, the Nazareth region is home to numerous religious sites:
The Church of St. Joseph’s Carpentry marks the site of Joseph’s original workshop and home to the holy family. The site contains ruins dating back to the 1st Century, and has been the site of numerous churches and places of worship over the centuries.
The Basilica of the Annunciation is also a popular destination, as it marks the place where the Angel of Gabriel was believed, according to tradition, to appear before the Virgin Mary to announce her unborn child as the son of God. Other popular historic sites include the Synagogue-Church, where Jesus was believed to preach, and the Mensa Christi Church, where Jesus is said to have dined with his Apostles.

Nazareth Tradition

As the home to so many significant and sacred spaces, the Nazareth region is the center of tradition for many Christians each year. The Jesus Trail, which winds through the countryside, visiting historic sites along the way, has been traveled by hundreds of pilgrims each year.
For the past ten years at Christmas time, guests of all ages visit the Nazareth Village, a reconstruction of the ancient Nazareth as it was known by Jesus. Together they celebrate surrounded by the rich history of Nazareth.

Bring Nazareth Home
While many choose to visit the holy land, others -for various reasons- are unable to travel to Nazareth to experience its history and tradition first hand. Luckily, there is a way to bring a small piece of the Nazareth hillside into your home – Nazareth Secret Honey!
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