Nazareth Secret is our registered brand of authentic products carefully selected from the Nazareth area in Israel.  

We are pleased to offer you the best from the “land of milk and honey” and invite you to explore Nazareth through the unique scents and flavors of our growing catalog of delicious gourmet foods like: honey, Silan date syrup, and our carefully developed cosmetics and natural products. 

About Nazareth

Nazareth is an ancient city, over 2000 years old, nestled in a valley among the northern mountains of Israel in the lower Galilee. Nazareth is a destination that has welcomed pilgrims for centuries and often referred to as “the cradle of Christianity”.

Our products:

Nazareth honey

Nazareth_Secerty_Honey_copyThe honey is produced in limited quantities from the nectar of the Starthistle, a flower native to the Nazareth Mountains.

Starthistle flourishes in the hot, dry summers, and the bees which feed on its nectar,
produce a monofloral honey that is as unique as the region itself and unparalleled in its quality. For more information


Nazareth_Secret_Dates___Halva_spread_A_copyDates & Halva Spread
Our dates are produced by luscious groves of exotic palm trees such as: the Amir Hajj’, ‘Saidy’, ‘Khadrawy and ‘Medjool’, all within the warm Jordan Valley.
Nazareth Secret Dates & Halva Spread is prized for its wonderful aroma, its rich brown color and unique flavor.
Superior quality.100% natural, wholesome product that exemplifies the finest dates of the region!
For more information


Nazareth Secret piler tr.Nazareth Secret Candles

Colorful hand crafted candles are made by skilled craftsmen in the Galilee mountains near the city of Nazareth,



Nazareth herbal Tea
Enjoy the taste and smell of local Nazareth plants.
Unique blend of carefully picked local herbs and spices that enabling you to experience Nazareth aromas and flavors. The combination of ingredients creates a wonderful taste and aroma. Each pack contains loose whole leaves
Our products are: Morning Nazareth Tea and Evening Nazareth Tea.

 Highest quality standards:

All our food products have superior high quality;
they are FDA approved and manufactured in HACCP and ISO 9001 authorized factories.

We invite you to experience the pleasures of the “land of milk and honey” Residents of our region experienced the Nazareth Secret in ancient times You can experience the hidden gem in Nazareth Secret products today.

 Experience The Nazareth Secret – From Where It All Began

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